In which I question why the world is like it is. (more after the jump)

So thanks to Kinja I go and read a classic, this time BTU’s M3 disaster.

And then I get mad at Eurohaus. For being a straight up…synonym for a female dog.

And then I see this.


And as I finish that article, I sit here like:


Why is Eurohaus such an a**hole?

And then I find out that there was a special screening of Oppo drama at 11 PM PST after I went to sleep. Then I dug deeper into it.


And then I realized Oppo fought over a gosh darn Fiesta. Which Oppo is supposed to idolize.

And that set me off. This is Oppo. We’re supposed to be a happy bunch of car nerds. Not like me and that damn retarded 4 year old in my kindergarten class who claimed she was from Newport Beach and drove to my school (which is like 45 minutes away from there) in a Mercedes every day and tried to provoke me into fighting her. (I did. Kinda got in trouble for that one. Although my present self applauds my 5 year old self for that). So take a chill pill, guys, and please don’t let it happen again.


And to Eurohaus. I hope Sir Ryan McElveen sues your butt into hell. Because even if I brought my Versa there I’d run out of patience for service in about 2 days.

Sorry. Just needed to get that off my chest.

Edit: If you ever get really mad on Oppo (which we shouldn’t), try signing out of Oppo for a weekend, remove all references of Oppo from your computer (bookmarks, top sites, tabs, etc.), and then come back when you’re ready. Worked for me.