There's A New Peugeot Coupé Coming To Beijing

The four-door coupé niche, despite its idiotic appellation, is a growing one, and it's attracting more and more manufacturers. VW has had the CC for a long time, Mercedes has the CLA, BMW has the 4-series Gran Coupé (it's totally different from a 3-series, you guys !) and even Škoda's been thinking about it.

Peugeot is the latest carmaker to toy with the idea, and they're bringing this, the new Exalt concept, to the Beijing auto show. The picture above has been "accidentally leaked" (how cute) by the French manufacturer, and builds on the stlyling of 2012's Onyx supercar concept, with its reworked grille and unusual materials (the front is unpainted brushed aluminium, the rear is some kind of textile that Peugeot calls Shark Skin). The powertrain is rumoured to be an evolution of PSA's Hybrid4 system, this time featuring a petrol-electric layout, 4WD and 340bhp, which all sounds almost production-ready.


The elegant concept car looks to be halfway between the outlandish Onyx and a production car, that some already claim will be called 408 GT. Peugeot hasn't had a proper grand touring car since the demise of the 407 coupé (the RCZ, for all its brilliance, is too sporty to fill that niche) With this Exalt concept, they're showing once again they can draw very pretty cars, and one cannot help but seeing in this a worthy successor to the stunning old 406 coupé.

Source : Peugeot via Carscoops.

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