Mont Tremblant is so beautiful! I’m really shocked more racing series don’t come here. It’s a reasonable distance from both Ottowa and Montreal.

Since my 17th place finish at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve I’ve had the engine removed and sent to the engine builder. They rebuilt it and blueprinted it, making sure that the cylinders, ports, etc. are all as precisely close to manufacturer spec as possible. I bought the engine from a junkyard so it’s anyone’s guess how much power it made before (the engine guy guessed 109hp) and now it makes 112, and is expected to increase to 114 once it’s broken in. That should make it competitive with the front runners. Now we have to work on improving the car, and of course continue to knock the rust off my driving. I should probably hire a coach...

My goal this weekend is to score points, which means finishing 15th or better. I got hosed down the long back straight at Montreal, so if I stay out of trouble the new engine should be enough of a boost to improve 2 positions.

I’ll be recording on-board and posting it on YouTube as soon as I can, but it’s going to be a week late because I’m staying on the road to go to the IndyCar race at Mid-Ohio next weekend.