Despite the heat, it's definitely raining in Baltimore this weekend.

Raining carbon fiber anyhow.

The ALMS race had a NASCAR style pile-up. taking out almost half the GT1 field and some others before the first turn. Then there was the re-start and next muck up...

And I don't even know where to start in describing the Indycar race. The first half wasn't too dramatic but that bang-up at turn 1... yeesh. I think 10 cars finished on the lead lap? I think about 8 or so were out of the race? And then another cock-up at the next re-start... Poor Scott Dixon must think the world (or at least Roger Penske's team) is out to get him and I don't fault him. Even Indycar wouldn't bring his car back to the pits which sort of blows my mind. But then there's an amazing 10 lap shoot-out at the end which made for some of the absolute best racing (in any series) that I've seen all year. And my personal favorite driver, Simona de Silvestra, grabbed a 5th place finish after putting some serious moves on her teammate TK. Wow. What a race. Again, for anyone who hates on Indycar because it's a "spec" series you are royally missing out. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it really is a crazy American hybrid of NASCAR banging and intense F1 style open wheel racing. And I love it.

So yeah... Baltimore.

I imagine a lot of people will be hating on this track because of how ragged it is but I actually love that. It's the complete antithesis of a modern Tilke circuit. A rough, bumpy track with a chicane best known for getting people airborne, followed by turn 1 that is so notorious for pile-ups that they have an alternate way of going around the whole thing. It's a concrete canyon of hell, smashed carbon fiber, and insanity and I love watching races there.