Hello Oppo, I have a confession to make. I drive an F-body, V6, automatic, convertible Camaro.

(This was taken a few years ago on my phone, which explains the horrible quality..)

Yes, it is admittedly not the most Jalop car ever. Yes, its body flexes more than an olympic gymnast's. Yes, I know the engine isn't beastly powerful. I do not have any plans on modifying it, it is completely stock. But I enjoy driving it and maintaining it (it's easy as shit). Hell, I enjoyed every minute of the 6 1/2 hours I spent yesterday lovingly washing, shampooing the top, claying, waxing, and vacuuming it. Do I need a reason why I love my car so much, even though it may not be the best? Sure! It's my car, that's why.

What I don't understand is why some people (not you, Oppo) believe that a true meter of an auto enthusiast is what you drive, or how much you mod your vehicle, and if you drive a car like mine, you "aren't a true car nut". Car culture is, unfortunately, tainted with this elitism and filled with annoying superiority complexes. This really is a disease that scares people off and keeps them from partaking in our culture. And it's not just coming from one group either; I've noticed it in many different groups, young and old. I just wish everybody could grow up, and stop with the irritating dick measuring contests and just enjoy the art of the automobile.

-Rant over-