I’m out driving the Ferrari through a plaza, and some jackhole in a 1 gen Charger on 24’s (yes, you can stereotype), blows out of a parking lot past the stop sign, and almost barrels into me. I had to swerve, jack on the brakes, and of course, lay on the horn.

To further the stereotype and his ignorance, at the next stop sign he pulls up next to me:

“The fuck is your problem man!?”

Me, being the sarcastic asshole I am; “Me, oh nothing, other than the fact that you’re too dumb to figure out how to stop and almost plowed into my fucking Ferrari you dip shit”

He went to go get out of his car.

I drove away.

Really bro, you wanna be pissed at me because you ran a stop sign an almost crashed into a car that’s worth twice your annual salary (probably way more than twice but I wont be overly judgmental).


I mean really though, is risking an accident, with anything, be it a just under 6 figure Ferrari or a just under 6 dollar 1988 Camry, worth the 2 seconds you saved by not stopping???