My car doesn’t like deep water. Also it magically produced sunglasses.

These glasses shot out of my floor??? It started raining really hard here a few hours ago, and on my way home I couldn’t quite see a massive, yards long puddle, hiding around a corner. I ran into it doing about 35mph, which caused quite a lot of water to enter the car through the floor and door bottoms (unlike modern cars the 96 doors are not beveled on the bottom, so if you hit water hard enough it will spray through the rubber seal...). When I got home these sun glasses were just sitting on the floor. Ok.


The floor mats were filled with water - which unfortunately sloshed back under the rear seat when I went up the drive way. I hope it’s a hot sunny day tomorrow.

All the mats and carpetting are hanging up in the garage draining now. I don’t know what to do with the cursed sun glasses.