It's SHOtime for Jan Van

With the eBay find of the year, Gen II Taurus SHO Slicers are an exact fit for the Transit Connect. $100 for the set.

Image: Me

16x6.5" 5x108mm. The only difference was a 42 offset compared to the stock 50. The 8mm difference outboard is barely noticeable. There’s some paint bubbling, dings, and scuffs in certain areas. I really can’t complain about that.

The missus won’t laugh at my SHOtime puns...
Image: Me

Turned out way better than expected. Once I get new summer tires, I’ll op for sticky weights instead of the clip-ons. Probably going to get some Pirelli P4's. Best rated tires I’ve seen for under $150 per tire. As for the steelies, I’ll do some Plasti Dip and save those for the winter tires. Once the weather’s warmer, I’m going to dynamat whatever I can to quiet the interior, then hook up a speaker and amp upgrade.

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