I finished my GT3 build last night. This kit is simply amazing with all the attention to detail.

I received this as a father’s day/early birthday present except my wife ordered it and had not yet arrived. After getting the email that they are now backordered until August for online orders I happened to find one at the Lego store and picked it up and cancelled the order. All told it was about 10 hours of building over several mornings and nights as follows:

Box one is the lower chassis and drivetrain, took 4-1/2 hrs

Here is the working 4 speed PDK transmission

And here is the flat six engine with functioning crankshaft and pistons


Bottom view of the crankshaft and connecting rods

The functioning paddle shifter mechanism is also pretty cool, the only close up I have of it was blurry (it was late)


Box 2 is the upper half of the chassis, another 2 hrs

Box three begins some of the bodywork, another 2 hrs


And box four is the remainder of the body and exterior. The manual is 570 pages long with some Porsche 911 history and backstory of this kit’s development included.

The detail is astounding. There’s even a piece of luggage in the frunk.


And it’s huge. It’s 1/8 scale. Here are my keys next to it to give you an idea.

This YT review gives a good explanation of all the mechanisms and detail included. Just like the real car, a lot of it is hidden away from view once complete.

Whether or not you are a Porschephile, if you like building things mechanical I highly suggest getting this if you have a place to keep it, it is truly awesome.