I’ve been wrenching at reduced capacity this weekend due to my shoulder deciding it’s had enough of my shit. That said, today I did get some more errands run, and whipped up the template for one of the patches I need for the Chevelle.

The gussets will be cut separately and tacked in place

This is the passenger’s side lower rear fender mounting area. The existing one is all bent out of whack (years ago the car fell off the jack while lifting it, and my assistant was in the process of sliding the jackstand under the car; it landed here) and the captive nut areas rusted out. The other side isn’t deformed, just rusty, so it should be a little less involved. I still need to determine where exactly to put the bolt holes, though.


As a bonus, I gave myself a refresher on the fun of welding sheet metal by cutting a couple strips and then butt welding them together and plug welding that to another piece. It turned out decently without warping (until I ran that bead in the corner just because I was otherwise done, so why not).