It's (still) the little things

As usual, I am terrible at remembering to take a ‘before’ picture, but recent work on the Chevelle has included refinishing the A/C relay.

I must have taken this right after work, hand is way too clean.

Serviceable designs are nice, as I was able to remove the metal cover, clean it, and re-finish in gloss black as would be originally (it was chipped). I also put some fresh silver on the mounting tab.


Things on the firewall are about as far as they can get as pictured, in that it’s pretty much back together except for the main wiring harnesses and the washer hoses (see below).

At some point, attention to detail probably crosses a line into getting carried away, but the past couple evenings I spent an absurd amount of time cleaning the old undercoating off the original washer hoses.

They look good as new now, which is hard to photograph.

Just finished installing these on the car (didn’t take another picture, sorry).

This means that, without thoroughly investigating, I believe the firewall is completely back together except for the wiring (and a couple wire management clips associated with that). Neat.


In engine news, I ordered heads today.

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