It's take your race car to work day

Unfortunately, it’s so I can junk it after work. The boneyard is only a few miles away from school. I didn’t have any takers to use it for parts or do something stupid like mount it on a truck frame. I want to get rid of it before it gets buried in snow/ice again.

I took the snow tires and 14" wheels off, just in case they fit whatever I replace it with. I really have no idea what that will be. I promised my wife I won’t buy anything until after Christmas. Not that I won’t be looking at things.


The girls wanted to help. The pictures are blurry because movement/low light/crappy phone, but I still think they’re cute.

I’m gonna miss the little bugger, but I can’t believe it lasted this long. Oh yeah, when I changed the left front wheel, that hub and bearing is trashed again!

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