I put it off until almost the last moment. I expected it to be more of the same - unemployed for part of the year with no withholding from the unemployment funds and therefore I’d owe. I’m already in minor trouble with the IRS for an issue a couple of years ago (thank you, Citibank - @#$%), and figured I’d have to scrounge up plenty of money to get them off my back, funds I don’t have.

Of course, when I did the calculations I found that I’m actually due a decent refund. WTF? This will cover the money owed to the IRS as well as personal property taxes on the car, and there might even be a little left over. This was not expected, and couldn’t have come at a better time.

Filing is a bit of a pain, however. I did everything in the TurboTax app, like I do every year, but found that I would have to pay to file the state return - no bueno. I filed the Federal return via TT and then went looking for a free option to file the state taxes, stumbling across an online version of TT aimed at us poors. I re-entered all of the data and attempted to file the state taxes electronically, but I couldn’t do it unless I did the same for the Federal taxes, but those were already filed in the app. Oh well - I’ll have to mail it in and wait for my $19.

Hopefully the city will be OK with the money they get out of me. I’m still fighting an issue from 2012 in which they were wrong, so I don’t have high hopes on this one.