NEW WHIP WHO DIS? It’s no secret that my 2003 Mazda6 V6 5MT with 160k on the clock has been, to put it gently, a massive pain in my ass. To remedy this and keep myself from spending damn near a car payment every month in parts and oil I’m going to throw this last round of parts I have sitting around onto the car and toss it up on Craigslist. Wife’ll drive the Sportcross, and I’ll drive this. For those keeping track, the Mazda6 was bought to replace my NB, and this replaced the 6. So in essence I replaced an NB Miata with an LS400. Keep it fresh.

1998 no-this-is-not-matt-farah’s-million-mile-Lexus LS400. 230k on the clock, timing belt and rear wheel bearings just done. Sadly no nakamichi, this is a fairly low-range model with the Pioneer stereo and leather memory seats, no air suspension (thank god), and a brake warning light despite every bulb working (new bulbs have lower internal resistance than old ones, I need to add a resistor to the 3rd brake light to solve it).

Power is from a 290hp 300lb-ft 4 liter 1UZ-FE VVT V8 going through a 5 speed automatic to an open rear differential. It sucks premium gas, gets better fuel economy than my IS300 (fucking HOW) and does some pretty sick one-wheel burnouts (of course I tested this on the drive home). Ride? Smooth other than a slight vibration at 70 (feels like a front wheel out of balance). Not floaty, but soft. Wind noise is almost nonexistant and engine noise straight up doesn’t exist.


Things to do: Detail it, get my spare key cut, try to fix that tail lamp warning light, replace cracked driver door handle, Android Auto/Apple Carplay head unit (eventually), window tint (this summer).