NEW WHIP WHO DIS? Itโ€™s no secret that my 2003 Mazda6 V6 5MT with 160k on the clock has been, to put it gently, a massive pain in my ass. To remedy this and keep myself from spending damn near a car payment every month in parts and oil Iโ€™m going to throw this last round of parts I have sitting around onto the car and toss it up on Craigslist. Wifeโ€™ll drive the Sportcross, and Iโ€™ll drive this. For those keeping track, the Mazda6 was bought to replace my NB, and this replaced the 6. So in essence I replaced an NB Miata with an LS400. Keep it fresh.

1998 no-this-is-not-matt-farahโ€™s-million-mile-Lexus LS400. 230k on the clock, timing belt and rear wheel bearings just done. Sadly no nakamichi, this is a fairly low-range model with the Pioneer stereo and leather memory seats, no air suspension (thank god), and a brake warning light despite every bulb working (new bulbs have lower internal resistance than old ones, I need to add a resistor to the 3rd brake light to solve it).


Power is from a 290hp 300lb-ft 4 liter 1UZ-FE VVT V8 going through a 5 speed automatic to an open rear differential. It sucks premium gas, gets better fuel economy than my IS300 (fucking HOW) and does some pretty sick one-wheel burnouts (of course I tested this on the drive home). Ride? Smooth other than a slight vibration at 70 (feels like a front wheel out of balance). Not floaty, but soft. Wind noise is almost nonexistant and engine noise straight up doesnโ€™t exist.

Things to do: Detail it, get my spare key cut, try to fix that tail lamp warning light, replace cracked driver door handle, Android Auto/Apple Carplay head unit (eventually), window tint (this summer).


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