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It's that time again

Spring supposedly started a while ago, and it seems like we’re not getting any more surprise snow. So it’s time to buy some tires, and stop wearing my winters. Who has summers/all-seasons that they like? I’m in a temperate rainforest climate, so wet traction is at least as important as dry traction. That likely rules out any summer tires, or at least most. I have Michelin X-Ices on right now, and I like them a lot. They have really good wet and dry traction, and I’d be perfectly happy on them year-round if not for the rubber wearing faster because winter tires. So I’m looking for something at least as good as the X-Ice in the wet and dry, which shouldn’t be hard to find in an all-season. The Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ looks really good, and Costco has them $200 cheaper than getting them shipped from TireRack. They’re also only $3 more per tire than the Premier A/S. Still, it would be nice to spend less than $740 on tires. What are your thoughts?


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