The current "63" and upcoming "14" registrations in the UK have caused the DLVA (UK motoring's legal peeps) have preemptively banned a selection of number plates. Let's take a look at them!

As a quick refresher for those who don't know our registration plate format, the "XX## XXX" system comrpises a two-letter area code, a two-digit number denoting a six-month period in which the car was registered (the current year for March-September and the current year +50 for September-March), and three random letters to make it unique. As it's after September 2013, the current number is 63, but next March we will get "14-reg" plates.

Here are the ones mentioned in the article:

FA63 HAG - Fag Hag, maybe?
HU63 NOB - Huge Nob
BU63 GER - Bugger (can have homophobic connotations)
FA63 GTT - A popular meatball dish
NO63 END - Nob-end
PU63 RTY - Puberty (is that really offensive? Might be embarrassing, I suppose...)
OR63 ASM - Orgasm
OR63 YYY - Orgy(yy)
SO63 OMY - Sodomy
LU63 FER - Er, Lucifer, maybe?
"A large number of plates beginning VA63"


PR14 CCK - Piers Morgan
SH14 TTY - Piers Morgan
SL14 AGS - Kardashians
SK14 NKY - Skanky
SP14 STK - Spastic
J14 HAD - Jihad
TR14 DDS - Either Turds or TARDIS, but probably the former (edit: Triads is the best guess)
AL14 LAH - Praise be to
CR14 PLE - Cripple
BU14 SHT - ...... Piers Morgan?


So if you've got money for a private plate and the sense of humour of a 14-year-old boy, you'll have to get more creative than these ones...