...time for (hopefully) the final installment of the “RallyDarkstrike-installs-a-headlight” liveblog! (Original here: http//oppositelock.kinja.com/and-so-it-begins-updated-1798319214 )

2:34pm AST...it begins...
2:40pm - Start disassembly and find a second clip has decided to strip itself this time...
2:55pm - Feel proud, pat yourself on the back and marvel at the clips and screws you just removed while thanking the car gods none of the bolts were rusted from the oceans of salt the Nova Scotia Dept. Of Transportation uses on the roads every winter...
...also marvel at the fact the place you go for undercoating REALLY goes to town on the strut towers. This is probably a good thing.
3:00pm - Be irritated that you are out of fizzy soft drinks and share some nice cool water with your cat instead.
3:05pm - Be pleased the cat is happy with your meagre offering and has retired to her favorite spot in the hallway.
3:15pm - Upon returning outside, double check to make sure your Roadkill-esque ziptie repair to hold the Compost Bin lid on is still holding (it is...zipties solve everything). Bonus caterpillar included on bottom ziptie.
3:30pm - Break out the implements of prying to remove the connector from the old headlight assembly and discover yet MORE damage to it you didn’t know about...man this thing was beat!
3:40pm - Holy shit! After some gentle prying, be amazed you removed the old connector from the old headlight in one piece too! ( http://oppositelock.kinja.com/headlight-saga-update-1803088685 )
3:40pm - Get interrupted by your mother’s arrival home and have to carry in frozen pizzas...Hawaiian tonight ftw! :D

3:50pm - Get called by somebody you do computer work for who spends 20 mins rambling about a problem but their rambling makes no sense so you have no idea what their talking about...charge your cell phone in the meantime after realizing it’s at 4% charge...

4:00pm - Wire things up and test before you bolt in the light and take off the protective film!

4:30pm - Take a random break for a half hour talking to friends on Discord and WhatsApp.

4:40pm - Start to button everything back up and realize your horn is really easy to get to...potential swap to a non-wimpy horn down the road...?
5:50pm - Return outside after a cold drink and your Haiwaiian pizza for supper to FINISH buttoing everything back up and take gratuitous ‘finished product’ pictures! The new Drivers’ side light is SO much clearer than the old one!
...so crystal clear....
...still-functional, but old passengers’ side light for comparison! So much crazing and fading / UV damage. The sun...she be a harsh mistress...
...close-up of crystal clearness...
...close up of passengers side faded light...

Very pleased with the outcome! Maybe I’ll replace the passenger side light sometime...though it’s not as damaged as my old drivers’ side light, so I don’t NEED to replace it. Maybe if I am at a junkyard sometime and find one that is less faded.


Next......hatch strut replacement and horn swap! :D

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