I'm talking about car show season.

It's relatively late in the Spring, and Summer is just around the corner.

So, I figured I'd share something with you guys that you might like.

It's an annual thing that happens on the 4th of July weekend, this year is the 11th year they've held this event.

Oppos from the northeast US, especially in NY, should be familiar with the event, and if you're not, I suggest you check it out.

It's pretty cool. They shut down a good portion of two streets (and a couple side streets) and welcome over 500 cars, trucks, and motorcycles.


They've had just about everything there. Sidecars, Rat Rods, Street Rods, Muscle cars and trucks, cruisers, European sports cars, this thing.

There was a Ford GT there one year, wish I got a pic of it, but the batteries in my camera died before enough people cleared away so I could get a good shot.


But, yeah. I've been to this show most of the years (I've only missed 2-3 of them, including last year (due to weather)), and I'm planning to go there this year.

Also, if you've got a classic, will be in the area the day of the show, you can register your car for the event. Registration costs between $25 and $100, all proceeds going to the charity of the event's choice (a different charity every year).


The event itself is free to attend, which is awesome, and many of the local businesses will be open during the event, so if you wanna pay some local businesses a visit, you can.

There's music, awards, and more great stuff. I highly recommend attending, if you can.


It's Sunday, July 6 (one day after my birthday), 1-6 PM.