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It's the 18th, it's after midnight so...

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Screenshot: Enough of this crap already

New Microsoft Flight Simulator time!

I’ve waited 14 years for this. Given my current employment state I probably shouldn’t have bought it, but since I’m grounded for multiple medical reasons this is probably about as close to flying again as I’m going to get without buying time in a commercial simulator.


I feel like garbage right now. It reminds me of when I was on chemo - nausea and cramping, not knowing if eating was going to make things better or worse. I want to wait for this thing to install, but it might still be a few hours ago I might as well go to sleep. I’ll set up TeamViewer so I can check progress from upstairs, and come down when it’s ready regardless of the hour...

I just hope my ISP doesn’t pull the same crap I get on a daily basis, namely blocking my connection for a few minutes whenever I seem to have used a large amount of data. Everything stops - Google Home control, downloads, video, music. I guess unlimited data is getting somewhat like a cell phone where they slow you down if you use a lot of data. I’m not really being slowed down, just blocked for a few minutes several times a day that screws up my connections and requires restarting transfers. Damn annoying.

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