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It's the 996's 3rd anniversary - Unoriginal AMA

Today is the 3rd anniversary of buying my 2001 996 C4 Cabrio. Purchased on May 19th, 2017. Took it out for a nice drive along the coast then back through the country, stopping at a school to fly FPV quads with my son. Did about 75 miles.

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In all, it’s been a good car. It’s never broken down, or not started aside from at the end of last winter after 4 months when the battery was dead from being in a storage area instead of plugged into a tender in my garage. I’ve done a bunch of stuff to it, but it’s all been maintenance things and cosmetics. Mileage as of today is 115,278 miles. That means I’ve put about 13k on it.

Any questions on 996 ownership? Ask me anything.

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