Taken after jamming them on there for a photo hence the crookedness

The finish on a pair of $10 autozone tips is a “wear item.” After less than a year, these were trashed. Metallic high temp grill paint to the rescue! For now, at least. We’ll see what this looks like in a month.

I also changed a 17 year old tie rod end in 35 minutes yesterday. That never happens!? And now both tie rod ends are brand new so all of a sudden, the Q steers like a brand new car?! It’s mind blowing. I just wasn’t expecting that whatsoever because I was concentrating on fixing the problem. I can’t believe how this boat all of a sudden... dare I say... darts around? The steering has always been weighted nicely - no one finger parking here - but now it has the precision to back that up.

Between looking at paint instead of rust on the exhaust tips again, and my unexpected “new” steering, I find myself spontaneously excited about my car again in a way that I haven’t been for a while. Next up: coilovers and 19s :D WERE GOING VIP THIS SPRING

Real sensible though. Like these: