Two-tone for your time

That drive you absolutely nuts.

Disclaimer: this will be really boring to all but a few masochists


The project C4 supposedly hadn’t run in 6 years because the fuel pump was bad. A wiring test confirmed this, so I got to work taking off the fuel filler door (not mine pictured above, open). I found that there was an actual black widow on the backside and threw the piece on the ground behind the car immediately, contemplating whether or not to burn it all to the ground. I decide on just checking back to see if the possibly-dead spider is gone or not but forget about the entire hinged assembly sitting behind the car, on the curb of my work’s parking lot.


Two days later I had the pump and came by to remove the pump assembly. Puzzlingly, the fuel door was placed neatly on a piece of cardboard behind the car. I figured that some nice person was just looking out, and stupidly leave it there. I took off the ancient hoses and got the fuel pump assembly out. One hose needed to be replaced. I rebuilt the fuel pump assembly and put it back in the car that night, but I’m left waiting to patch everything back together. I still had the fuel filler door sitting on the curb behind the car, and after a week of it sitting there I thought nothing of it. This was Saturday.

How it all comes together
Put finger in hole, then lift

Sunday, I’m headed to the lot to wrap the thing up. But I get a call to help do some moving, so back I go. Monday I’m finally ready to put all of the pieces together. Pump goes in, bolts get turned, hoses are popped and fastened in place, rubber catcher is pushed in, and the fuel door is set... where’s the fuel door? Stolen? There was better stuff to steal, so it must be around... sitting with the piles of trash that accumulate from the warehouse. Uh, those are gone too. So a pristine silver ‘84 Corvette fuel door is sitting at the bottom of a dumpster somewhere. Damn. Okay, let’s order a slightly junkier one on eBay with $25 shipping, change the oil and fuel filter, fill the tank with new gas, and start this sucker. Luckily the car ran beautifully and the “Ceasefire” injection is as middling as day one.

Today, the silver fuel door finally gets here. Hasta la vista, crap job and douchebag boss! Let’s get this thing on here and... wait, that’s gray.
D A M N.


Fuck spiders. Seriously. It’s winter! 80F today, but February!

Dat lack of a hole there

Well, until next time!


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