Also pictured: bumper which needs paint, ammo can of microfibers

See that? In front of the front wheel there is a pointless little mud flap, preventing splashes from going... nowhere in particular. There is the same behind this wheel, and in front of and behind both rear wheels. All those other ones makes sense, as they protect the bodywork. This one, not so much. It just looks weird from the front of the car.

“What about the other side?” you wonder - there are none on the driver’s side fender, which has been replaced (the paint is oh so close of a match but not quite, in only the way silver can do) at some point.

Fortunately these are held on by aluminum rivets which seem to have been in place since the car was new, which is neat. In any case, this one had to go so I guessed at a drill bit size (which turned out to be perfect - enough to remove the rivets without embiggening the fender holes) and got to work.


Somehow I’ve put this off for nearly a year, and it took about 5 minutes (plus 15 to clean up behind where the plastic has been hiding for 33 years). Only a couple spots of surface rust, and plenty of dirt which came off with soapy water and a hand-polish.


Some more good news - this vestigial frontmost mudflap is just the mirror of the one on the rear, which means it fits on the driver’s side (remember there are none there) behind the wheel in a match to all the other ones on the car. This means that, if I get the wild motivation to drill a couple holes into that fender, I can have full symmetry and stop splashing stuff onto the driver’s door.

Unintentionally artsy because I apparently can’t hold a phone level


For now though, it’s good as-is and the removed flap will wait for the motivation to strike to slap it on the other side. I’ve put some universal silver touch-up paint in the holes, and will give it another dab tomorrow.