It's the middle of summer and I'm going to Joshua Tree National Park

What could possibly go wrong with a camping trip in the desert at the hottest time of the year? Thankfully I’m not going there with the intent of doing much outdoors during the day. Instead, I’ll be there looking upwards after the sun has gone down.


It’s still probably gonna be around 70F at night which is balmy for camping but I’ve certainly experienced worse on the east coast with humidity. But that’s also why I’m only going for one night, unless the night sky makes it worth sweating it out to stay for again. I wish I could go next weekend since it’s supposed to be a new moon then but at least it’s halfway there now and moonrise isn’t until midnight anyways. It should be clear enough though to get a great view of the milkyway.

And I should be able to get in some super early dawn hiking in before it gets hot out. If I decide to stick around Saturday, I’ll have to find a watering hole to hide out in through the midday heat.

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