Last Friday I was commuting from class on my old beater mountain bike down a bike path that I did not know had a steep curb right in the middle of it, I somehow crashed as a result and ended up with a compound fracture of both bones in my left arm. Ambulance ride to the ER, an emergency surgery, a night in the hospital, then another night in the ER due to complications later and here we are now.


It wasn’t any one of the numerous jumps I crashed bikes off of working at Trek last summer that broke me, it wasn’t taking my carbon road ride down an active construction site pretending I was doing cyclocross that broke me, it wasn’t even me crashing trying to land a jump well above my skill level on the ski slopes this spring that broke me. No, it was a stupid 6" tall curb in the bike lane in the middle of my university campus. Be careful out there, because you never know when things can go so wrong so quickly. I’m just thankful I didn’t hit my head as since I was commuting to class I wasn’t wearing a helmet.

Missed one week of classes already, finals are next week, and graduation is after that. Then I have to find a place to live in the Detroit region because I have to join the working world. So you could say this is not the optimal time for this to occur!

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