Doggo and Sportcross content!

First and foremost: Luna turned 2 years old last week. It’s been a rough ride, but we’re really starting to turn a corner. People have been complimenting her behavior as she isn’t totally crazy anymore. She’s a good companion who needs a little extra attention and an owner who’s in control of themselves and keeps a cool head. That’s been a challenge for me, but compared to one year ago I think I’m a much better doggo owner. Another photo for you all:


Okay, onto the Paseo! I’m digging the badge now. Ironically, without the chrome in the Altezza tail lights, it wouldn’t work at all. I guess everything really does have its place.

And now for a video — another stupid, short one. My new hatch struts are soooo nice and sooo satisfying to operate. It’s semi-automatic!

Also, just how useless is the cargo space in a Sportcross, you might have asked?

“Well, no, because I don’t think about your car in my spare ti—”


It can hold this incredibly small table!


Aaaaand... this tablecloth in a Ziploc bag!


Thanks for your indulgence, as usual. Merry Christmas to all Oppos and have safe weekend 🙃

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