I will be working on pulling the engine/tranny out this week, weather provided (it’s quite overcast right now). Going to pick up an engine hoist from a friend this evening.

Primary concerns:

getting it out the first time will be a bitch. I hope I have enough time because I thought I would have all next week off. Nope! my university in their infinite wisdom decided to start the summer semester immediately with no break. tearing my hair out a bit.

I hope the engine bearings/ piston rings are ok. ‘cause I aint touching them.

Doing this mostly myself, blind. The actual disassembly should be easy, but I am seriously concerned I will mess up the gaskets on reassembly.


Most importantly: Rusty bolts. That should be the only thing (and probably will actually) prevent me from pulling this thing apart. I have kroil, PB blaster but none of those matter because I have run into bolts that are so rusted they have made a seal around themselves with rust. Going to try heat, I don’t have acetylene but my dad has mapp gas and hopefully that is sufficient. might have to take it to the machine shop to be drilled/tapped.

Couple of questions if oppo has the time:

any recommendations of chemicals to clean engine internals? thinking about just using straight gasoline. probably not doing much of this.


recommendation for mounting points for the hoist? pulling my engine and tranny out at the same time, probably going to remove my front clip if I can get it loose. gotta pull those parts off anyhow so no big loss.

Once that is all done, getting it back in should be a breeze. Ill let oppo know how it goes. Expect a post this evening!