It's Time

Listen to that sweet, sweet VQ music.

ITBs won’t be for everybody, but that NOISE. The old engine was a screamer at the track, fairly high pitched that it hurt. Now it is probably closer to what a GT3/R or Cup car in terms of tone. You’ll have to watch the video to find the final number, but it’s plenty - more in fact than the 991.2 GT3 Cup which makes 485 to the wheels.

Since there’s barely any E85 in southern ontario, any teams wishing to attack time either straight up use pump gas (highest grade is Petro Canada’s 94 octane) or source their own race gas (likely ignite, or VP when the big show rolls in). Interesting to know that Sasha uses a concentrate mix... definitely more affordable of a solution for time attackers who only run a few times per weekend.


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