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So I just read about the recent news that May and Hammond probably won’t renew their contracts with the BBC, so I thought about doing a “Cool Wall,” especially since I am very opinionated about cars. Pardon me if I’m acting too much like an orangutan, but I’d love for as many comments as possible (pin this post pretty please!!!!) because I’M BORED!

Here’s how it’ll work, just suggest me a car and I’ll rate it “Seriously Uncool,” “Uncool,” “Cool,” “Subzero,” etc. It can be as general as the manufacturer or as specific as the trim and engine. Your reasoning for why it belongs in said categories is welcome, but this is a dictatorship so it won’t matter. If you’re lucky I’ll agree with you, but most likely I’ll call you a moron (joking obviously) if you’re such a wiseass and think a Nissan Altima belongs in some special fridge that is reserved for cars that have a special place in my heart.


Here are some examples, because they are too easy.

Miata: Think it’s subzero? Nope, it’s just cool in my heart. It’s a great car, but some people hype it too much.


Anything made before 1971: It’s most likely subzero. Unless it’s a 2CV.

Any Ferrari made after the 360. Seriously uncool; too many people with no brains have them...


Jeep Wrangler (JK): It’s cool because of how old-fashioned it is, but the lifted Jeeps ruin them for me. Not to mention lots of people in my school had them.

Mercury Marauder: Subzero, because it’s just badass. All other Panthers are Cool.


Thank you for your time, you may resume normal programming.

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