It's Time Now for the High Strength Steel Play

Chevy, come on. You’re sponsoring MLB’s “Play of the Game” by calling it the High Strength Steel Play but WTF. If the player making the play is more than 10 years old can we call it the Rusted to Shit and Falling Off Its Frame Play? The Rotted Cab Mounts Play? The Perforated Wheel Wells Play? The Won’t Pass Safety Inspection Because Of Holes In The Body Play?

Give it a rest already. Aluminum may not be without its faults, but We Get It, Chevy. Your truck beds are made of Steel. I know, I can see the evidence falling off the average old truck bouncing down our pothole-ridden frostheaved roads right now.

I just think they’re going to look extra foolish when they finally come up with a way of not making their truck bodies rust, namely, probably something other than HIGH STRENGTH STEEL. 


[/end rant]

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