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its time (the race)

f1 spoilers may turn up in the comments

bottas bottas
bottas bottas
Photo: botox

sooooo...bottas hammy or max? i reckons on racepace max should be able to keep up..and he should have a longer first run (barring early chaos)

dunno if bottas can keep hammy behind tho...guess it depends on if hes stopped being mister nice cracks under pressure bottas...tbh...with the mask on i cant tell if he has his go fast beard...all bets are off i guess

Advertisement hoping for a 3 way war

figuring latoffi wont finish....stroll either wont finish...or finish much higher up the order than he should do....and grosjean will hit his team mate and blame it on said team mate

hoping russel manages to squeek into the points....probably be a bloody wierd race if he does tho...

anyhoo...after waiting a hundred better not be bloody boring

lets race

(eta) oh....hammy got a grid penalty for not slowing for the yellow in q3 yesterday...3 places...did not see that coming.. welp..that changes things a little bit...but not much...tho...the mercs traditionally dont run as well in traffic *shrugs* guess we’ll see

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