Morning Oppo! I have news ...

I’m coming into a little money and as tempted as I am to rush out and buy the first Ford GT I can find, I need to be a little more responsible than that. Most of this is going into some sort of investment but I’m carving out a bit to have a little vehiclular fun with. After raising four kids (three of whom are still in college), I didn’t think I was going to be in a position to do this for a while so I’m stoked!

My current situation is I have my 164k-mile 2010 Fusion that still runs great. My wife has her 2009 Town & Country that has a lifetime, bumper to bumper warranty. I plan on getting my wife “something convertible” at some point down the road (she wants to wait a bit) but I’m looking to start shopping now.

My wants:

1) An old truck that will maintain its value but can still be used for truck things, is pre-smog, and is also cool af. My dream here would be a Jeep FC-150. Alternatively, I really like these:



2) Something (a couple years old) to replace my Fusion as a DD. I am all over the place here. I have a 124-mile round-trip commute to work 4x per week so something with good gas mileage would be the responsible thing to do. If I was smart AND boring, I’d buy a used plug-in hybrid to take advantage of the diamond lanes. Then again, Mustang GT ... or maybe a 435i? Or wait for a Tesla Model 3? Or buy a used Model S? Or maybe even this?:

I’d love your opinions, oh great and glorious Oppo Hivemind.