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It's time to work on the beast

I didn’t get as much done on the truck in the last few months, life’s been a bit busy. But that’s changing!

Starting this weekend and going throughout the summer, I’m plan on performing a thorough refreshing (and some upgrades.)

I’ve done a lot of maintenance on it, and still have some left to do. However, the girlfriend (who is a capable mechanic in her own right) and I are going to be tackling a lot of upgrades. Very little had been replaced on this truck in its 241k miles on the road before I purchased it.


So, I’ve put together a rough list of what I plan to get done within the next few months:

- New speakers (left side speakers are dead).

- Install fuel rail crossover and high pressure oil crossover (already purchased)

- Track down and repair leak in A/C system

- Fully insulate cab (already partially done.)

- Repair (or possibly replace) sagging headliner.

- New seats, center console and tow mirrors from ‘08-’10 truck.

- Full front end rebuild

- New shocks and leaf springs all around, possibly with a mild (2.5") lift.

- New brake rotors and pads

- Step-up bars

- Mild tune and a 4" turboback exhaust (want the tune for mileage, so the exhaust is needed to manage EGT)


Cosmetic stuff I plan to do at some point, but will do this summer if I have time:

- Tailgate and rear bumper from ‘08-’10 truck

- ‘05-’07 front end conversion

When the truck is in a state where I’m happy with it, I’ll start shopping for a slide-in pop-up camper for road trips and poor man’s Earthroamer capabiity.


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