I am going to start off with some back story. I am a Photography student in Daytona Beach, my focus and love is in Motorsports. I have a Mentor of sorts that has been working for Daytona International Speedway for the past 52 years. Last Saturday he asked me to cover Karting at local dirt track for him because he had to shoot Supercross at the Speedway. He would be with me for the first couple of hours for practice but the qualifying heat races and the mains would be mine. As my Mentor was about to leave me to finish up a man on a beautiful black and white BMW Motorcycle pulls up, That man ended up being Jim France son of NASCAR founder Bill France, currently the vice chairman of the board of directors and executive vice president of NASCAR and the man behind the Tudor United Sports Car Series. My Mentor introduced me to him having know him well for the past 52 years. Meeting Jim Frances I was a little star struck. His Grandson was racing in the beginner karting class. After my Mentor left and about an hour passed, Jim France called me over to the outside fence where he had been watching the races. He gave me some advice on track safety and we had a little bit of a conversation (mostly me saying Yes Sir lol). I really appreciated him taking time to help me out, he seems like a very kind and genuine person.

The second part of this story is on the same saturday I was announced as the winner of Racer Magazines contest for 4 day passes to Sebring and a ride along ! Thank you Racer Magazine, RACER.COM!