Mirror polished Fikses wrapped in Michelin pilot sports, and mounted to the chariot of awesome that is my S6.

Dont ask how much it cost to rebuild them... had to replace 2 barrels and 1 face.


The plus is I think this is the first time I have had perfectly round wheels, and since I went with a fat tire (235/45) the ride is even smoother.

In other news after reading the article on the guy who went through hell to remove one nut from his Honda, I got a torque multiplier for my upcoming suspension overhaul. After 22 years, I have a good feeling that the axle nuts on my car arent going to be easy to break loose.

Why do I need to remove the axles? Because back in the early 90s Audi liked using strut inserts with barrel springs. Lowering springs exist, yes, but they spring rates are deplorable (200#). So If, like me, you want to lower the car (tastefully of course), with the spring rate of your choice custom work is needed on the strut housing to add a threaded sleeve.

And that’s that.

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