It's wonderfully disorienting to find a photo of yourself online

That’s from about two weeks ago. I know which session of the day too as I have a passenger which is rare. His name is Richard. Richard came over to me two weeks before that photo asking about the roll bar in my car as he also has a white convertible Corvette and wants to get into tracking his car. This was at Laguna Seca. He just drove down from San Jose because he wanted to see what a track day was like even though he couldn’t take his car out due to lack of roll over protection. He just came to watch and learn.


Richard is 70 years old and has never been on a racetrack before. However he looked like he could kick my ass. So I suggested he come back in two weeks and I’ll bring a helmet and he can ride along and feel the experience and see if he’s up for it as it can be quite a beating.

So that’s Richard. He came out for two sessions including me spinning off the track.


He’s hooked.

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