Its worst than we thought: here's the Buick Encore GX

After reveling the new smaller Trailblazer yesterday, somehow Jalopnik forgot to show how deep the crossover stupidity goes. Behold the Buick Encore GX. “But Buick already has the Encore” you say? Nope. This has nothing to do with the current one. Its a new platform shared with the Traileblazer (I was wondering what was underpinning it when I read about it yesterday). Here’s the fun part: this will slot above the current Encore but below the Envision. Insane. Buick says its about the size of a Jeep Compass, so its not big. No word yet on engines or anything, but expect it to start in the mid to high 20's and...I cant even talk about this anymore. Crossovers are officially a cancer in the automotive market. You can read more about it over at Car&Driver.


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