With the addition of a third vehicle that isn’t 56 years old, and the retreat of the glacier that was our driveway this winter, I’m freed up to do more work on our cars again, finally. It’s not that I can’t wrench in the winter, but a) it’s not exactly comfortable, b) sheet ice isn’t a good surface to lift a car from, and c) if anything went slightly wrong, my wife or I would be unable to get to work.

Yes, there’s a jack stand under there. More than one, in fact. New rotors are pretty, aren’t they? 

So of course, everything went swimmingly with the front brakes on my wife’s car last night; the old rotors came off without a hint of a fight, and the calipers were in fine shape, but it was still nice to know I had a buffer. It was a lovely 48 degrees out, with NO BUGS. Soon, the temps will be warmer but with that comes swarms of bitey little airborne nuisances that cause my face to be covered in black smudges from trying unsuccessfully to swat away insects without getting grease and/or brake dust all over myself. I also prefer cooler temps because I can wear long pants and long sleeves without sweating to death.

Front pads + rotors + wear sensor (all OEM brand) from oembimmerparts = $189.00 shipped. I spent 2 hours outside listening to baseball on the radio, having a beer, working with my hands, and saving a solid $200 in labor. It was a good night. As a bonus, my wife was quite pleased with the result on her way to work this morning.

I’ve been ticking small things off my list almost daily; with four cars to maintain now it’s a bit of a juggling act. This was the biggest item I’ve taken on so far this spring. The next biggest being an upgraded sway bar on the XC70 - easy but for the rusty bolts I encountered on that car.

Next up is brakes on the truck, that’s a bigger one. Otherwise it’s small potatoes like touching up rock chips, maybe spark plugs on my car.


What have you worked on lately? What’s next on your list?