Like many of you, I have a YouTube channel. You probably already knew this, because I ram my videos down your throat with the same ferocity that Doug once did with his Twitter account. But this post isn’t about my channel. Occasionally, I check to see if any other channels have popped up featuring bad drivers in Omaha. This is because if they have, it is only a matter of time before I will be featured on one of them and exposed as a massive hypocrite. Anyhow, yesterday I was wasting time browsing through such channels, and I cam across this one:

Despite the title of this individual video, it’s not at all a channel about bad drivers. This is because a channel about bad drivers is boring, which is why I have one. Rather, this YouTuber, who goes by Gromie Bear, is a Motovlogger, a style of YouTuber which includes the likes of snowcat and RoyalJordanian, the latter of which is actually pretty interesting in an inexplicable way. It popped up in the summer of this year, and has quicly rocketed to nearly 60,000 subscribers. This Gromie Bear channel, so called because it features a Honda Grom (it would seem the starter kit for every motovlogger is a GoPro and a Honda Grom) and a giant stuffed bear, seemed to be based right around the center of Omaha, where I live and spend much of my time. So I went to the Twitter page linked in the description, and lo and behold, Gromie Bear turns out to be a kid from my high school who graduated the year before me. I don’t know him, but it’s nice to see that these two aren’t the only ones from my old high school who are dabbling in the interwebs.


On a related note, just before the end of my first semester of college, my roommate and I took on a third roommate, since ours was a three-person room with only two people in it. This third roommate also has a YouTube channel, albeit not one he uses it anymore. It’s for a game called Minecraft, which I have never tried but which I understand is quite popular. Certainly, with some of his videos having millions of views, it would seem like there is or was a market for this amusing pixilated block game.

Oh well, I’ll stick to making boring videos of me honking at people that nobody watches.

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