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I've absconded with my wife's daily driver for auto-x.

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She’s driving the kids around anyway so I traded her my TL. A lot safer than this 99 Dx tin can. I haven’t painted a car in nearly 30 years, but I repainted the passenger side, hatch, and rear bumper in the driveway. Turned out good!


My commute is about 40 miles a day to Summit racing now. D16 auto gets 30 mpg at 75-80mph avg cruise speed. Slow as hell acceleration and one wheel peel all in one. And I’m the smallest car on the roads these days

I’m thinking about running a few auto-x this summer in the sts class. The eibach pro kit springs and sways should still be fairly good on rough roads. Already have some good shocks lined up. Will do rear lca , tie rods, strut mounts, lower ball joints and race align for the 1.5" drop. Doesn’t seem like people like adding caster, but the EJ6 steering has no on center feel. Apparently 225/45-15's can be fitted front and meet the rules, but a lot of guys stay 205 in the back. Will be borrowing my friends fender roller for that one it sounds.


The car has new stock brakes, but they are mushy as hell and I’m thinking Goodrich lines to get a bead on them before race pads. Front inner bumper may go battery to back likely

Any good bang for the buck mods that don’t make it any ricier than it already is?  

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