not 100% to scale somethings are still susceptible to change of course

As you can tell from the very professional drawing it’s going to be a simple 2.5" system with flowtech block hugger headers with an x-pipe going into a pair of Gibson M.W.A mufflers and then stepping down into the factory 1.75" pipes. The factory mufflers may or may not stay, it all depends on the noise level. I am going to keep the factory offset tips though, those will never leave. The cut outs will either be a homebrew set of throttle bodies with cables to open and close them or just the very simple blocking plate ones. I’m not really worried about the power since it’s most likely going to be a basic cast 350 with simple bolt ons, like a dual-plane intake, good carb, maybe a mild cam. Which should still make more power than the stock 4.2 rated at 175 flywheel horsepower (I think).