I've always been a fan of the LCI E63

The BMWs from the Bangle era get a lot of hate. I think they have aged really well and look really good. I had a white 650i pass me on the way from Roswell to Greenville and it made me want to shop for them.

Today, in unnecessary car shopping with E90M3, we find this V8 manual 6er for the same price I paid for my 328i.


Finished in the lovely shade of Imola Red II with the preferred transmission.

What a great looking side profile.


If I was still in the market for a second car, this would be really hard to pass on, especially considering it’s within driving distance from my parents. Truth be told, I was looking for convertibles but this example was too nice not to share. This has me considering trading in the 3 for this 6.

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