I’d give it a 6/10

Bending a new fuel line for the Chevelle in 3/8" (factory is 5/16 because 307). It runs over the frame so it’ll be done in two pieces (a single piece requires removing the body, so no). I managed to cut and snake out the over-the-frame part and duplicate it in new steel, as seen above.

That said, I’m not happy with it. My bending tool is really meant for smaller tubing (even though the die goes up to 3/8") and it’s flattening out in the 90 degree bends. I’m currently debating picking up a roll of aluminum tubing ($20) vs NiCopp ($75) in the morning. I’ve used NiCopp before and it’s great (in the smaller sizes I’ve used it is very resistant to kinking) but it’s an expensive fuel line, whereas the aluminum would work fine but I don’t know how well it will bend up - I can probably do it by hand around a larger die, but I feel like it’ll be more prone to kink than steel.


In other news, I got back from a work trip late last night so this morning I did the reasonable thing of going to some yard sales instead of any of the around-the-house catching up I should have been doing.

Bonus feature is the rainbow in my toolbox

I picked up the above nut drivers for a whopping $10. I previously had a random selection of nut drivers, which never included the one I needed and was entirely absent of metric. That isn’t an issue now, though!

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