Lets recap!

I have gotten ONE phone call. Unfortunately, I was checking in the order we got from Mazda, and missed it. They left no voicemail. Fuck.

Other than oil changes, we are installing a TRAILER HITCH that was ordered 2 months ago (so I'm not making any money), and doing a coupon brake job (so I'm barely making money).

I've had ONE customer come to the counter who was hit by debris in the road, and needed a $60 trim part ordered.

And then there's more oil changes.

I've watched about 3 hours of YouTube videos from people I subscribe to, got a reply from some butthurt commenter on there, am up to date with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Oppo.


With less than 4 hours to go, I'll try to stay busy and not fall asleep. One of our techs is playing shitty music loudly in the shop, so that might help.