Because I was off winning a thing.

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I can’t promise more to follow about that (frankly I’m too lazy to write it all up but we had a blast) but after the 8000km drive, St Jimmy is going to be needing some new parts.


Pretty confident the injection spider deal is fubar, so that’ll be great. New tires (okay it already needed new tires but these ones are now intermittently loosing air overnight) and there’s a bad clunk/vibration I’m pretty sure is a ujoint. It also needs a third oil change this summer that should be a fourth, and there’s something up with the a/c... it works great but won’t kick the compressor on.

I still haven’t added up all the money I have into it but I’m starting to think I won’t be making a profit by flipping it. But whatever. Because of some work stuff I’ll have to more permanently move my address and stuff into Alberta which will mean it’ll soon be my only registered vehicle. Super annoying to have three you can’t drive. But part of the work stuff lead to moving to a different place (in the same time) and I’ve got a garage now and off-street parking so getting the MJ and Niva to inspection-passing condition will be a less crazy undertaking. Although I’m debating going home and hauling my XJ out here and making that one legal first. Cause it’s not legal anywhere right now...

What would Oppo make Alberta-legal first? Actually check that. In a few days I’ll write up a post with all the pros/cons of each.

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