I always was on the bigger side my whole life. I played football through high school and college. So I was trained to work out and eat like a lineman. My heaviest I ever saw the scale read was 301.2, but I consistently hovered around 285 through college. I wouldn’t call it “good weight”, but it was in the right places.


Well college ended four years ago. The need to consume nearly ten thousand calories a day has ended. I lost about 10-15 pounds nearly immediately. I also have seemed to plateau around 270 since then. It’s a weight that I’ve grown to accept. My joints don’t hurt, I can hustle up a flight of stairs without breathing heavily, and it’s a lot easier to shop for pants now. Health checkups are acceptable. Blood pressure is slightly high, but not enough to sound the alarm. Cholesterol is good, as is blood sugar.

A big crux for me is learning a new way to exercise. I was raised on lifting weights and isolating muscle groups. Great way to build muscle, not ideal when trying to shed pounds. Running of any sort bores me to no end. I can’t keep myself occupied to run a treadmill for longer than 10 minutes; stationary bikes and elliptical the same. I still work out 2-3 times per week. But I stick to what is familiar: weight lifting.


As for dieting, I may have a problem. I find myself snacking more than ever. I think I narrowed it down to one major reason: stress eating. Ever since I got myself into the professional field, work stresses lead me to grab a sack of burgers after work. My mind tells me this is okay because I don’t resort to drugs or alcohol to alleviate stress. I can cook a nice healthy meal to eat at work: cooked chicken and veggies. But if work kicks my butt, I pull into the gas station and grab a few Torna(y)does (not tor-nah-dos) on my way home. I also let loose after a night of drinking. My body thinks I am still in college, and can eat a bag full of taco bell after spending the night at a bar.

Today, I was challenged by a close friend. My wedding is July 4, 2020. The night before my wedding, I will step on a scale in my underwear (not sure the logistics of it, but that can be figured out later). If I weigh under 250 lbs, I will receive a generous wedding gift. If I weigh over 250, I not only fail to receive the gift, but I have to pay the opposing party the same amount.


So I essentially have 6 months to lose about 20 lbs. This means that crash dieting isn’t necessary. Is it doable? Absolutely. I need to put myself into a good position. I’ve looked around for other facilities to workout at. The gym I currently am at is dirt cheap, but are full of heavy lifters. I actually was offered anabolic steroids my first week there by another patron. I politely declined. So the environment isn’t right for weight loss. I’ve looked at “boot camp” type of gyms, Orange Theory is all the craze, but they are SO FREAKING EXPENSIVE. A year at Orange Theory will cost me $1,200. A year at my gym is $200.

The other factor is a big mental game. I need to get my stress eating under control. Whether it’s finding an alternative way to alleviate stress, or find a way to catch myself before I pull into the drive through. I already am cutting alcohol out until the wedding. That alone will be huge. Not only will that cut the empty calories of alcohol, it will prevent me from feasting in the drive through afterwards. My biggest obstacle is my stress eating.


Once I figure out how to handle my stress eating, and I find a motivating way to exercise without spending thousands of dollars, it should be smooth sailing. Sorry for the long rant. Thanks for reading. Any tips or recommendations from you all are always appreciated. Here’s Toby for your time.

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