I’ve been camping in Big Sur since Monday and have reemerged back into civilization.... The first news article I see when reaching cell service is that Guam is handing out pamphlets on what to do if North Korea hits them with a nuclear weapon - as they promised to do.

This must be what it’s like waking up from a coma and finding out it’s not 2017 anymore.

I’ve also noticed that one of my neighbors must be a busybody that doesn’t care for my Corvette. I’ve found the same tire half flat for the second time now. It’s where I park it to avoid street cleaning if I’m away for a few days as it’s all Thursday/Friday most everywhere in my hood. I figured I must have picked up a nail the first time but nah this is someone who doesn’t like my car parked on their block, across the street, unless it’s the minister of the church I’m parking next to. I’m not even in front of a house.

Luckily I have a pump handy for the tire, which I’ll use someday. I’m gonna leave the car where it is so that they can continue to enjoy it. Zero fucks given. If you don’t like it parked where it is making it hard to move won’t exactly further your agenda. Just be glad I’m not filling my tires with mustard gas at this point.