I've been dumbfounded

Ithought I knew what 365 horsepower felt like.

Fuck, I thought I knew what 500 horsepower felt like in a Ferrari.

But this.... This thing it asks for irresponsible behavior, it’s bored at 50km/h. It’s bored and annoyed that there’s a long way before it finishes it’s break in period and that its effective rev limit is going to be 4000.


I thought you people were exaggerating about young drivers having fast cars is a bad idea, but you’re right.

I feel that someone as dumb as I am shouldn’t be manning such a powerful vehicle on a daily basis. I’m almost feeling like telling on myself; Asking my father he should keep it and I should keep his jeep. One needs to be responsible in this car and I either need to suddenly become so or give it away.

Its too much man!

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