And its been pretty crap on the car front. Partly my fault. tl;dr below

The first full day I was home, it started off pretty good. I went to the metro PCA concours at Old Westbury. My dad and his friend competed in peoples choice, and there were a lot of really interesting Porsches there. I only had my phone with me but I still took some pictures that I’ll put up later today.

By the time that ended, I had 3 hours to wash my car, put on the summer tires, get ready for and get to a wedding I was going to as the guest of a very cute girl. So being the multi-tasker I am, I dropped the car off at a car wash I’ve used before and walked next door to Autozone to rent the wrench. I come back to the car wash to find my car parked out front with no wing on it. The brake light wire was hanging out of the trunk and the studs were still in the lid but the wing itself was gone. The guy drying the car off just looked at me but said nothing. Even after asking the lady at the register what the hell happened, it still took several minutes to locate it. One of the workers had picked it up and stuck it in the corner but said nothing. I got it back, but it was damaged beyond reasonable repair. Plus my trunk had filled with water because of the holes it left. So that sucked. Didn’t even get anything out of the girl i went to the wedding with either.

*edit* I’m not a total asshole. She got hammered and I didn’t want to take advantage, so I made sure she didn’t get any vomit on herself, got her some water, and went home.

I met with the owner of the car wash the next day, and after showing him the parts diagram and press photos of the car from 1998, he still called me a liar several times and said the wing was aftermarket. But he would pay for it if I took it to his body guy. His guy turned out to be a nice guy and sided with me so its being taken care of with nothing out of my pocket. The wing alone is $440 new from Subaru.

Then my week got even better. This past Friday, my dad had off from work and we were going to put in a new carpet and set of UKDM seat I had gotten. The old carpet had ripped by the dead pedal and lest surface rust on the floor. Well.... it wasn’t just surface rust.


Shit..... We ground of the rust the best we could, covered it with POR-15, and put the carpet and seats in. It’ll be taken care of once we can borrow our friends welder. The hole is jut in front of the trunk release lever.

The only good thing to come out of this week was that I finally got to put on my Oppo sticker.


Shoddy pictures, I know. They were taken with my potato S5.

tl;dr: Had the wing broken off of my car because I was in a rush, and my rusty Subaru got even worse.