I’m not sure if I’m homesick, but I’ve just been listening to Colombian music for the past few days. I haven’t listened to 80's music.

A part of me longs to be back in Colombia.

I’ve just been listening to Carlos Vives for the past few days, one of the most well renowned Colombian singers.

Here’s his 1993 hit “La Gota Fria”, my favorite song in Spanish of all time.

Here’s “Carito” by Carlos Vives

Here’s one of his more recent hits, “Volvi a Nacer”

And, here’s “El Amor De Mi Tierra”

I think I’m going to make some Colombian food tonight to see if it makes me feel better.


I haven’t been this down in a while.

Enjoy the music. Here’s a picture of my hometown in Colombia circa 2014.


Buenas noches y adios a todos.